Why should you invest in a Pool Screen Enclosure?

Why not? From blocking harmful UV rays to keeping pests out, the utility associated with pool screens make it a sound and enjoyable investment. With your new pool screen enclosure you can expand your living area, keep your pool cleaner longer, lower the cost and time of pool upkeep, keep pets and children secure, and enjoy outdoor poolside dining without annoying bugs. You can reduce your home insurance and maximize the utility of your property, getting a pool screen enclosure is a no brainer.



  • Expands home living area
  • Lowers pool maintenance costs and keeps pool pristine clean
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Keeps golf balls and pest out
  • Allows you to leave doors and windows open during cooler weather days
  • Allows for poolside or patio dining without bugs
  • Keeps children and pets secure inside
  • Reduces home insurance


  • Showcasing only the strongest alloy aluminum 6061-T61 available on the market our enclosures are capable of withstanding an excess of 150mph winds. This industry leading alloy allows for the constructions of wider and higher screens than ever before.
  • Innovative Snap-Lock Framing system takes gives a clean professional look that is simply un-paralleled, hiding 80 percent of all screws.
  • Our premium grade screen cloth serves terms of up to 3 times longer than traditional screens. Stretching beyond the previous 3-4 years and pushing 8-10 years respectively.
  • Our paint ranks second to none with regards to durability and long term strength. The Exclusive DuPont powder coated paint we use is up to 300 percent thicker than the standard. This translates to longer color and gloss retention, as well as abrasion resistance.
  • Our concrete masonry footers are placed as deep as 18 inches compared to the standard 12 inch rule, offering greater strength and resistance versus Florida’s powerful storm winds.
  • Our diverters do wonders to keep excess roof water in gutters and prevent constant overspill which essentially leads to many mildew issues down the line.
  • The EZ drain doors placed between each vertical screen wall give room for the rainwater to pass quickly cutting on mildew development and problematic corrosion.
  • The screws we use are given a thermoset finish, chemically bonded basecoat and color stable top coats all to minimize corrosion.
  • We also use larger sized wall uprights and roof beams which are supported by factory installed bracing for industry leading quality assurance.


  • With our revered shade screens, you can specifically shade certain areas where seats or guests may be dominantly located. This adds to the overall comfort of your poolside experience.
  • Custom Pet doors available for small, medium and large pets.
  • Pet resistant screen for greater durability below chair rail for protection against damage caused by pets and landscaping instruments.
  • Kick plates – available in a variety of heights (8″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, 30″and 36″)
  • Florida glass – laminated screening with a translucent vinyl to keep sprinklers and ground dirt out, great for privacy. Available in Shade (40-50%), Sunscreen (70%), Suntex 80 (80%), or Suntex 90 (90%)
  • Last but not least our enclosures come with removable screen panels – The challenge of keeping screens free of debris so hurricane winds can pass through is made easy with removable panels. Putting the power of preparedness in your hands.

The choice is clear. Have the professionals at Screen Builders screen your south Florida pool today.


AC Repair Boca Raton | Comfort Technologies

ACs can be a constant struggle for many homeowners. Some people move into a new house with a dying AC unit or some people overwork their units during a hot Florida summer and then struggle with a weaker system for years, not knowing what’s going on. Some people read online of quick fixes and superficial repairs that they can do on their own and hope that this helps their AC problems but they simply don’t. AC repair is a common issue in Florida, but that doesn’t mean there is no hope. The biggest factor of stress today is the fact that there are just so many things to think about at once. Your AC doesn’t have to be something that drags you down all the time. A licensed, professional AC repair, servicing and maintenance company like Comfort Technologies, Inc. can give you piece of mind.

Air Conditioning units are a marvel of technology because of their revolutionary designs. AC problems often stem from deep internal issues that cannot be corrected by superficial DIY repairs. Probably more likely is that problems are made worse by people trying to tamper with their AC units. Getting your AC problems solved is important and so is getting it done the right way. You can have an AC repair expert come to your home, examine your system and tell you what your problem is honestly and quickly. These experts understand that people are on a budget so they pride themselves on giving their customers options. Professional AC services can be painless if you get the right contractor’s help.

Air conditioning Boca Raton

Seasoned professionals like Comfort Tech are very customer oriented and they offer so many services to people in need of AC repair. They offer 24/7 emergency service calls so that you always have help when you need it. They even offer a two year warranty after they make a repair on your AC unit so that you can get free labor for the next twenty four months and if they make a repair from your call, the service call’s fee is waived. AC problems are common so they know that there needs to be options and that’s exactly what they offer their potential customers. AC repair professionals want people to understand these options, and that taking advantage of these options is an easy thing to do.

It’s all about who you choose to help you. Make the right choice, and you will be a happy customer but make the wrong choice, and you might end up paying far too much. Contact your local AC servicing specialists for your AC repair in Boca Raton, FL and see what options they offer you. You might be surprised at how easy it can be, and your money will be spent wisely and safely.

Closets Fort Lauderdale | The Closets Company

In a home, floor space is extremely important. The more floor space a home has the more utility it has, the more organized it looks and the more smoothly things run in the home. A closet is the perfect way way for a homeowner to store unneeded items into one place and have useful items more readily accessible. To be clear, bedroom closets aren’t the only types of closets that a home needs, there are pantries, utility closets, laundry closets and more that can make a home extremely efficient. Most homes have limited space so you need to make good use of it.

Closets Fort Lauderdale | The Closets Company

Bedroom closets do have an important function, however. The place we store our clothing and our personal items can get cluttered very easily. Some people use chests and drawers within closets to stuff everything they can in their closets. There is a much better way. Closet upgrades can be affordable and very effective. You can redesign your closet’s layout and severely increase the efficiency of your room. Professional companies have many revolutionary design formulas that will have you begging for more. Once you’re room is tidied with your new closet, you can see why having specialized closets elsewhere in your home is a brilliant idea.

Seasoned closet design companies have many forms of closets for your home. Your personal preference determines the style and type you get. For your garage you can get a reach in system for all your tools and materials, but for your pantry you can have pull out shelving for ease of access. The diversity of the potential closets designs you can get are virtually endless. If you get a serious company, like The Closets Company, to facilitate your closet upgrade then you can expect even more benefits. For instance, your closet can be both an efficient storage solution and an accessory to your home. A beautifully crafted frame and a lavish interior for your closet will make the room it’s in even more beautiful and attractive to visitors and family members.

Closets Fort Lauderdale FL

Putting laundry machines and cleaning supplies in a laundry closet can probably open another half of a room up for use that previously was unavailable. Storing unused hardware like computer parts, lights, fixtures, tools, etc. in a utility closet can bring homeowners a lot of relief from clutter buildup after home projects or repair jobs.  A serious potential upgrade to an office may be a closet for printing supplies, record keeping and file storage and even project storage.

Do not underestimate the use of closets and the benefits of upgrading them. You might be surprised to see just how affordable and effective they can be. You won’t know until you call your local expert on closets in Fort Lauderdale, FL to talk about what they offer. Don’t hesitate, because you really can’t lose out too much from giving your closet a makeover or getting new closets. It will always be a good investment because it will bring utility for the rest of your stay in your home.

Loans Coral Springs FL | Ace Mortgage

The home sales market is strong contrary to popular belief. According to the National Association of Realtors, and the real estate trade groups, thirty two percent of home sales were made by first time home buyers. Additionally thirty three percent of home sales were made with cash or no mortgage, and thirty percent of home sales were on foreclosed homes or short sale homes. If this wasn’t intriguing enough, it is reported that over four and a half million homes were sold in February on an annualized seasonally adjusted basis. This report signifies a nine percent rise compared to the prior year.

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With only a little under two and a half million homes for sale in the nation, which in itself is a nineteen percent drop from last year, put our home market on pace to virtually sell all remaining homes by six and half months. This is seen by specialist as a housing market that has reached equilibrium and is now more balanced then we can recently remember. With the abundance of tools mortgage lenders can produce to help get a buyer a loan the housing market is on a positive steady course.

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It should be noted that almost a third of all home sales failed in February due to a combination of home appraisals not meeting the purchase price, overwhelming home inspection issues, or the inability of buyers to secure adequate mortgage financing. Coral Springs mortgage loan companies like Ace Mortgage have countered these results in South Florida and are providing their clients some of the best options to get them the home they are seeking with a loan that suits their needs. Calculating in the heavy failure rate, existing home sales were still reported to be the second highest results since May, two years ago. This should be seen a signal to buy rather then hold out.

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Select your lender and mortgage broker carefully as these decisions will have long lasting affects down the line. Contact their past clients, ask for referrals and examine online reviews about the broker your leaning towards choosing so that you can give yourself the best chance of having a positive home buying experience. Coral Springs Mortgage brokers and lenders are some of the industry’s best and with their help buyers are successfully reaching their goals more and more every month.

Home loan Florida

One of the best characteristics of the home market right now, is that homes are still very affordable. With FHA mortgage rates in the bottom end of four percent like those offered by Ace Mortgage Loan Corp., home loans in Coral Springs are the more attainable then they have been in history. With spring will come a rise in home prices; however the home owner can rest assured knowing that their mortgage will not likely rise with it. Shop smart and confident for your next home and become a success story for all behind you to follow.

Licensed Roofer Coral Springs FL | youtube

Property value is one of the most important factors when thinking about your home, especially when looking to sell. A properly maintained and functioning roof will add your homes market value significantly. The roof is one of the first things a new buyer can see when they come to your home. Women may focus on a kitchen or a bathroom layout but men also look for factors to sway their decision on a house and one of those is a roofs condition. If a home owner doesn’t have a good roof over their head, then what other aspects of their home have they let deteriorate. As you can see, what you thought was a perfect home for a new buyer could be turning them off before they even come inside.

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It is normal for your homes roof to begin to deteriorate, most commonly due to weather conditions in your area. The roof can also deteriorate quicker due to the materials it was made of. If you notice your roofs deterioration take note to how fast it’s deteriorated and choose a different material on your next roof install. Find out if your roof is made of inorganic or organic materials this will help you determine if there is a better material to use on your new roof. If you notice damaged parts of your roof and were planning to repair them, it would be wise to gather quotes on a new roof install so that you can determine what would be the wiser financial decision.

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A roofs structure is a common cause to reoccurring problems with your roof. Structural issues lead to roof splits, sagging, poor drainage, improper slope and much more. Poor drainage may come in the form of clogged drain openings, or even damaged gutters to name a few. Water left to collect and unable to drain, will lead to mold and a fast deterioration, that will cause more expensive problems then what it would have been, had it been taken care of promptly. A roof leak will immediately begin to damage your homes insulation, and after constant damage your insulation will not be able to keep your house warm or cold.  Besides this side effect, your home will now be exposed to more bug and rodent and overall pest traffic. Ask the professional, licensed roofer in Coral Springs, that you have chosen to hire to inspect your roofs structure and provide their feedback and opinion. Ensuring the safety of your home is vital especially when attempting to sell your home.

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By being proactive and educated, your home’s value can increase by 15-40% by having a new roof installed.  Conversely the actual labor cost 10% or less of that value your home received. This makes investing in a new roof beyond wise but rather a necessity for any home that you plan to live in the long term or sell. Unlike many other home services, roofers typically are worth the money so picking the cheapest quote is not advised as your result will be significantly less than the industry norms price. So if you’re looking to replace your South Florida homes roof, contact licensed roofers in Coral Springs like ABC roofing and rest assured that your home will only receive the best.

Home Improvement Magazine Orlando FL Video

Outdoor patios and decks in Florida are among the most popular spots for families to congregate. These outdoor hot spots make the perfect location for friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company on warm spring days or comfortable summer nights. That’s why homeowners want their patios and decks to be in tip-top shape for maximum enjoyment. Sometimes, that means backyard upgrades to keep the patio or deck ready for entertaining. It’s very satisfying to see what a huge difference an upgrade can make to the backyard of a home.

When it comes to patio upgrades, Longwood, FL has seen more than its fair share of renovations. That’s because the year-round warm weather makes a great patio an absolute necessity for any family who loves to grill outdoors, soak up the sun, entertain friends or otherwise spend time outside in the yard. People with an attractive patio are far more likely to spend time outside that those who lack a pleasant outdoor sitting area.

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When people dream of their new and improved patios, they dream big. People want the best patio upgrades Longwood, FL has ever seen. If homeowners are going to go through the effort and expense to upgrade a patio, then they may as well add every little feature and benefit they have ever wanted. The sky is the limit. Some people may want to focus on seating areas or a dedicated section for cooking on the grill. Others may be more concerned with a roof for shelter from the sun or rain. Some people enjoy a hot tub on the deck for fun with friends or as a personal romantic haven for two.

Patio Upgrade Orlando FL Twitter

Of course, some homeowners may not have a patio. Instead, they may prefer a nice deck where they can spend their time. These homeowners want their decks to be strong and sturdy, reflect their personalities, and act as the perfect setting for rest and relaxation. As far as deck upgrades, Longwood, FL has plenty of contractors who can make the necessary renovations to transform a deck into a haven.

People who prefer decks over patios are still looking for the same things that homeowners want from their patios. These savvy homeowners know that they shouldn’t settle for less than the best contractors and supplies for deck upgrades Longwood, FL has at its disposal. It doesn’t matter whether you are a deck person or a patio person, the goal is to create a space where you feel comfortable. Relaxing on your deck or patio, alone or with others, should feel like a personal mini-vacation.

Home Improvement Orlando FL

How do homeowners find everything that they need for their patio or deck upgrades? The perfect place to begin is with advertisements about backyard upgrades. That’s where professional contractors and suppliers alike advertise their goods and services. After all, if this is your first patio or deck renovation, you might not know where to begin. That’s what makes checking advertisements about backyard upgrades the perfect first step in the process. Magazines like The Home Mag will feed your creative spirit and help you launch your renovation as soon as possible.

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Town Homes West Palm Beach, FL

Town home living can be a nice change when downsizing or for a growing family moving to a new area seeking a fresh start. Not to mention first time home buyers as well. With West Palm Beach, FL, Town Homes, upkeep outdoor is done for the home owner. No longer must you dedicate time and resources to grass cutting, tree and shrub maintenance or mulch projects. Your town home owners association handles all these tasks making comfortable living a major positive to town home living. Maintenance on things like siding, roof, cement all are handled by your home owners association. Of course in extenuating circumstances additional assessments and community cost may arise when major storms or accidents cause damage that exceeds that of the association’s budget however this is a rare occurrence.

Town Homes West Palm Beach FL

Town homes come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles just like houses. Town homes can contain deep ceilings, large secondary bathrooms, exceptional kitchen sizes and styles, spas and much more. Some have garages for one or two cars as well. There is a town home for every style of family and every individual’s preference. Just like each town home can be unique and meet the needs of variety people, so can the town home communities. From midsized families, single individuals or retirees, a town home community hosts a diverse and dynamic array of quality well natured people and families. Town homes can also be purchased in developments that are fifty five and older for those looking for children free living.

Single Family Town Homes West Palm Beach, FL

The options and flexibility don’t end there. West Palm Beach Town Home neighborhoods also include a unique combination of amenities available to their community. Everything from state of the art pools, well maintained basketball courts, tennis courts, children play areas and even community lakes can be found at town home living communities throughout West Palm Beach FL. Couple these bonus’s with the vigilant upkeep of home owner associations and what you get is a beautiful community to live in both in your home and around it. Don’t settle for average homes that don’t represent who you are or perhaps don’t meet the needs of your family. Consider Limited Edition Town Homes in West Palm Beach, FL, like those from Oaktown Preserve and get a quality home you have always dreamed of.

Limited Edition Town Homes West Palm Beach FL

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